Yoga and Movement Therapy – Barcelona


Yoga & Movement Therapy builds on fundamental movements with therapeutic and educational purposes.

It emphasizes fundamental movements to connect with your physical body. You learn to explore inner alignment, ease of movement and attention / mindfulness.

It has a structural approach, meaning that it adapts to your unique needs and your body structure. You receive movements that work for you instead of trying to adjust you into the postures.

It has therapeutic and educational purposes. Just as it helps to relieve pain, improves posture and mobility, it also helps you to learn about your physical movement habits that are harmful for health and well-being.

Yoga & Movement Therapy is much inspired by Yoga, Kinesiology and the Alexander Technique.

To whom?

It is recommended to everyone who wants to feel their bodies, those who suffer in chronic pain and recovering from injury.

You benefit with:

relief and prevention of pain

improved coordination and body alignment

management of stress

improved range of motion

improved functional strength

improved self and body awareness

improved form in other physical activities


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